What to Consider When Buying Security Screens for a Home

12 August 2015
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Security screens for a home can keep your house secure both day and night; during the day, you can open windows to allow in fresh air while still keeping your space locked up tight, and at night these screens provide one more layer of security against intruders.

Not all security screens are the same and you may be surprised and even overwhelmed at your options, so note a few considerations to keep in mind before you decide on the right type for your home:

1. Mesh

The material of security screens is what makes them so impenetrable, but the mesh is also part of their security. When shopping for security screens you may notice that some mesh is more dense than others; it may include two sets of grills that are woven together, rather than one simple grill.

This provides maximum security as it becomes even harder to cut, and can also provide protection against small insects, dust, and harsh sunlight. 

While a dense mesh might be the most secure, you might also prefer something with a looser mesh that allows in more sun and air. Don't look at the material of a security screen alone but note the mesh density and weave pattern as well.

2. Egress

If you're purchasing security screens for bedrooms, you want to ensure they have an easy means of egress or exiting. If a fire breaks out in your home while you're in a bedroom, you may not be able to exit out the door and instead may need to go out the window. If your security screens are difficult to open from the inside, you may be trapped.

An egress security screen may lock like a home's window; this may be a type of hook that latches onto an inside frame, or a latch that uses a bolt. In any case, always be sure you choose a security screen with an easy means of egress for a bedroom window, and practice using it once it's installed.

3. Removable

While security screens can provide protection both day and night, you may want to open them entirely during the day without having to remove them. If so, be sure you opt for a style that rolls up into a container unit at the top of the window frame or that opens into or out of the house.

Because security screens are meant to stay in place and not be tampered with easily, don't assume you can just pop them in and out during moderate summer days, but invest in those that are removable in some way. Contact a company such as Bonds Security Products to learn more.