Features to Consider When Shopping for a Security Screen Door

21 June 2016
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A security screen door can add a layer of protection to your home's security even when the inside door is closed and locked, as the security screen door is very difficult to pry open and then allow for access to the inside storm door. You can also leave the front door open during the day and know that your home is more secure; you won't feel closed in and can enjoy more sunlight and fresh air but also know it's unlikely someone will force open the screen and walk in. When you're ready to shop for a security screen door, note a few features to consider and keep in mind for your new door.

Matching keys

If your door manufacturer cannot match the lock of your security screen door with that of your front door, have a locksmith do this for you. This will keep you from having to use two separate keys to let yourself into the house when the screen door is locked.

Detached screens and windows

A security screen door will usually have a screen at the upper part, but you might want to note if there is a model with a detachable screen, one that you can swap out with a storm window. This will allow you to keep the inside door open during colder or very warm months without letting in the outside air. You can then enjoy some sunlight year-round by leaving open the inside storm door. Note that the window for the security screen door should be made of strong, tempered glass that is shatter resistant and which locks into place so it cannot simply be forced open by an intruder.


A steel door may be the most secure, but it may also be prone to rust and corrosion. Fiberglass won't rust or corrode but it may be more lightweight than what you prefer for a security door; aluminum will also resist corrosion but it too is somewhat lightweight and may not offer the strength and security of steel. Wood doors can be very strong and very secure but they need repainting and fresh sealant on a regular basis, as they may tend to fade and discolor when exposed to direct sunlight. Bronze is a very durable choice for a metal door but you will need to add a coat of varnish every few years so it maintains its appearance. Ask your contractor for recommendations as to what's best for your area when choosing the material for a security screen door.