3 Industries that Could Benefit from Using Trained Detection Dogs

30 July 2018
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With the ability to sniff out trace levels of narcotics, trained detection dogs have the potential to make workplaces safer. While no employer in any industry wants their staff to operate under the influence of narcotics, some industries stand to benefit more than others.

1. Using trained drug detection dogs in aviation

From pilots and engineers through to flight attendants, remaining sober while working on and around planes is essential. Most countries will have strict laws with regards to alcohol consumption and drug use prior to duties. Those who fail to adhere to such rules don't just place customers at risk; they can invoke harsh fines from the country they're flying into.

Using a narcotics detection service with dogs allows employers in aviation to rapidly highlight those who may have taken an illicit substance. By using a blanket method, it's easier to narrow down the number of people who may need to engage in blood or urine tests, lowering costs for the airline as a result.

2. A narcotics dog detection service can make schools safer

In 2014, a survey conducted amongst 23,000 Australians aged between 12 and 17 found that more than half had used an illicit substance. Worryingly, the most popular substances include ecstasy. Even more worrying still, methamphetamine use is on the rise.

While most schools engage in public health campaigns to direct students away from drugs, such statistics give the impression that campaigns aren't enough. Certain narcotics may have a significant effect on developing brains, which makes identifying potential users crucial. With early detection, educators have the opportunity to step in and help teenagers redirect their lives.

3. Nightclubs, festivals and other similar crowded places

The temptation to use narcotics rises when a person is under the influence of alcohol and feeling the strain of peer pressure. Unfortunately, this is something that dealers recognise. As a result, they try to monopolise festivals and other large-scale events. Unfortunately, said events are where people will feel the worst consequences of narcotics, as they don't recognise their own limitations.

Using a trained detection dog at the point of entry is a simple way to reduce the presence of narcotics at an event. Such dogs can detect substances at low levels, which means any attempt to disguise the smell of a drug will result in failure for the dealer.

Trained drug detection dogs go a long way towards making many environments safer. With regular use, they can protect both your employees and those they come into contact with