Practical Security Screen Door Customisation Ideas

16 March 2021
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Homeowners should not compromise anything regarding the security of their households. For instance, you need a secure front door to deter burglars from breaking in. A security screen door is an excellent addition to your entryway for assurance and peace of mind.  That said, most security screen doors are functional but boring. As one of the features facing the street, a security screen door offers the perfect opportunity to make a design statement. This article highlights unique customisation ideas for a security screen door.  

Laser-Cut Decorated Screen Panels 

The mesh in traditional security doors performs several functions; it allows fresh air into a house, keeps bugs away and provides partial security. However, homeowners were forced to choose between small, medium and large mesh sizes for their security doors over the years. Although functional, the mesh designs have no aesthetic value, affecting your home's street appeal. This is where laser-cut decorative screen panels come in. The new standard of security screen door decoration allows homeowners to select custom patterns. For example, if you live along the Australian coast, you can ask a security door manufacturer to incorporate a palm tree image on the screen. Through laser-cutting technology, security screen door manufacturers can cut intricate designs and improve your kerb appeal.

Powder-Coated Frames 

Most homeowners believe that you can only achieve a beautiful finish by painting a frame. However, it can be tricky, especially if you want to match or contrast a security screen door's appearance with your home's exterior. Notably, the range of paint colours is limited, not to mention that paint chips easily. A better way of customising a security screen door is through powder coating. Unlike painting, powder-coated security screens come in a myriad of colours. Besides, since security screen doors are exposed to the elements daily, a powder coat acts as a robust barrier that prevents surface damage.

Split Security Screens 

Split security screen doors are beginning to gain popularity, especially among homeowners with pets. While a split security screen door looks standard when shut, it turns into a unique entry gate when open. As the name suggests, a split security screen door has an upper and lower section, which open and shut independently. It means that you can open the upper half and greet someone without necessarily opening the whole door. It adds a level of security that other entries do not have. Additionally, split security doors allow adequate ventilation and light.