Home Security Tips

10 November 2016
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Burglary is a common and distressing crime.  Not only can you lose your possessions, but you lose your sense of safety in your home; you feel violated.  To keep your home safe from would-be thieves, it's a good idea to invest in a home security system.  In the meantime, here are some useful tips to help keep your family safe and your possessions intact.

Don't advertise that you're away

If a house appears occupied, most burglars will simply pass it by.  Automatic timers for lights, curtains, radios, and TVs are perfect, as they can be set to mimic your normal patterns during occupancy, creating the illusion that there is movement from room to room. 

The sound of a phone ringing out unanswered in the house makes it obvious there's no-one there.  Turn off the ringer and lower the volume on your answering machine before you leave.  Alternatively, have your calls forwarded while you're away. 

If you're likely to be away for a long period, it's a good idea to have your lawns mown or snow cleared from your driveway.  Ask a neighbour to use your rubbish bin from time to time and to put it out for collection too.   While they're there, they could also collect your post and keep it for you. 

Regular deliveries make it appear that someone is in residence.  It goes without saying that you should never leave a note on your front door for delivery men, as that's just an invitation for a burglar.

Whether your car is in your garage or not, always keep the door closed.  Leaving it open every time you go out makes it obvious that the house is empty and burglars will notice a pattern. 

Make it hard to break in

The harder it is to access your home, the less likely it is that a burglar will bother.  Keep your windows and doors locked and never hide a key to your house outside; burglars know exactly where keys are usually "hidden"! 

Use solid core or metal doors and good quality deadbolt locks with anti-saw pins.  Some locks also have an anti-drill feature.  The outer casing of the lock should be bevelled and made of hardened steel making it more impact resistant and difficult to twist with a pipe wrench.  Use a heavy, four-screw security strike plate to prevent thieves from kicking your door in. 

Integral doors between outbuildings and the main house should be treated the same as the outside doors with the same type of locks fitted.  Glass door panels should be reinforced with security film to prevent a burglar reaching through and unlocking the door.

Windows should be connected to your home alarm system and have internal locks so that you can escape in the event of fire.

Outside security lighting is essential, and main entrances should be protected by two bulb fixtures in case one bulb burns out.  Exterior lighting with motion detectors is very effective so that your driveway and yard are illuminated if someone approaches.  Your neighbours are more likely to notice that something is amiss while you're away if the exterior lights are motion activated, rather than left on all the time.

In conclusion

Burglary is a distressing and all-too common crime.  Take these simple, common-sense precautions to keep your home and family safe and keep the burglars away.  For more information on home security systems, contact a professional.