3 Benefits Of A Functional Security System Installation

28 February 2023
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As crime rates continue to rise, investing in a functional security system to protect your property and loved ones has become increasingly important. Security system installation involves installing electronic systems and devices to detect and prevent unauthorized access to a property or facility. Here are some advantages of a security system installation. Deterrence Of Criminal Activity One of the primary benefits of having a sound security system installation is to deter criminal intent. Read More 

Three Mistakes To Avoid With Your Security Alarm System

2 May 2022
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A security alarm system is meant to protect your home and family from intrusion, but if you don't take the right precautions, it can actually make you more vulnerable. Make sure you aren't making these mistakes with your security alarm system: 1. Not Having Enough Sensors With Your Security Alarm System Many people think that when they get a security alarm system installed in their home, they only need one sensor on each of the doors and windows on the ground floor. Read More 

Increasing the Security at Your Holiday Home: A Guide

30 August 2021
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If you own a holiday home, you may be thinking about how you can improve its security. This article will discuss the security features that can help to keep your holiday home safe and secure when you're not home. Use a monitoring service Most people only visit their holiday homes for a few weeks every year. This means it is very difficult to monitor and respond to any alarms which are raised. Read More 

Practical Security Screen Door Customisation Ideas

16 March 2021
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Homeowners should not compromise anything regarding the security of their households. For instance, you need a secure front door to deter burglars from breaking in. A security screen door is an excellent addition to your entryway for assurance and peace of mind.  That said, most security screen doors are functional but boring. As one of the features facing the street, a security screen door offers the perfect opportunity to make a design statement. Read More 

How Your Business Can Benefit From Having a Security Patrol Team

22 October 2020
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The success or failure of your business sometimes depends on the little things that you ignore. Security is one of the things that a lot of employers take for granted, especially when the premises are located in places with no obvious security threats. However, sometimes, the one thing that customers and clients need to feel safe in your building is a uniformed guard.  If you work in the restaurant, retail, and other service delivery sectors, customers want to know that in case of an emergency, they can find a security guard to help them recover what they have lost or protected them from threats. Read More